Please, help us make an album.

We’re currently raising money to finance our first full-length album, “Trunkated”. Before going further within our website, please take a moment to learn about the campaign we’ve started on the crowd-funding platform IndioGoGo. In addition to being a collection of songs that we are really excited to share, the album will also incorporate visual art created by friends of ours from all over the USA. In part, we wanted to work with artists that create within other mediums to add a visual representation of the music. Each piece of art is the individual artist’s representation of the album or of a particular song. All of the art will be included in the final packaging. The original pieces will be offerings from us (and donated by their creators) to be given away in the indieGoGo campaign. It has been our goal since our inception to create music of impeccable quality and thorough artistry, with a truly thoughtful presentation. The unfortunate truth is that it costs a great deal of money to do that sustainably. Please help us bring something of real quality and potency to you. It means the world to us that you would take a moment to check out this project. We hope that you’ll visit the link on this page, review what we’ve packaged together, and consider helping us. Thank you so much for your time & consideration.


Events & IndieGoGo

November 24

Just Elephants

Trunkated by Elephants Gerald